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Federal Pest Control is the Gold Coast’s leading Termite Management Specialists and has extensive local knowledge in protecting properties from Termites in the Gold Coast and wider South East Queensland regions.  Fedpest’s Termite Management Technicians are extensively trained in the best practices for Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, and Termite Baiting systems. Our Termite Technicians are industry qualified, and comprehensively insured and use the latest equipment, technology in reporting, detection and treatment.  Termite Inspections in the Gold Coast are vital for homeowners as South East Queensland is particularly vulnerable to Termites due to our warm and humid climate conditions – that Termites love!

The Australian standard recommends homeowners carry out a Termite Inspection once or twice every 12 months depending if your property is high risk.  A Termite Inspection is a homeowner’s first defence – 1 out of 5 Australian homes will be attacked by termites every year – and there is no insurance against Termite Damage. Don’t be a victim. Protect your property with yearly Termite Inspections – it’s the one vital tool to make sure your biggest asset doesn’t fall prey to hungry Timber eating Termites. 

Fedpest Termite Inspections

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Fedpest Termite Inspections
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There is no home insurance for termites, your best protection is regular inspections & prevention for high risk properties.


By sticking with Fedpest Termite Inspections, you’ll have details of every photo and inspection kept on file.


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Termite Control Solutions

Your best defence against termites.

Termite Inspection

A Termite Inspection is a homeowner’s first defence against Termites – 1 out of 5 Australian homes will be attacked by termites every year – and there is no insurance against Termite Damage.

Termite Protection

Federal Pest Control offer a range of safe and highly effective solutions for protecting your property from Termites. Safeguarding your biggest asset is an essential part of home ownership.

Termite Treatment

Should you discover active Termites in your property, it’s imperative to partner with a Termite Technician that you can trust to terminate activity promptly. Fedpest are experts in Termite Treatments to eradicate Termites.

Signs of Termites

How to identify termites?

Signs of Termites

Clicking sounds inside your walls? Discarded insect wings near your windows or doors? Hollow timber – you can tell by tapping on it. Doors that are hard to open or tight fitting windows? Seen any pencil-width tunnels otherwise known as mudtubes? These are all possible signs you have a Termite problem.

Termite Species

There are approximately 360 species of pest termites in Australia are:

  • Coptotermes acinaciformis, subterranean termite
  • Cryptotermes brevis, West Indian drywood termite
  • Coptotermes frenchi, C. lacteus
  • Mastotermes darwiniensis, giant northern termite Cryptotermes genus
  • Heterotermes ferox Schedorhinotermes intermedius
  • Nasutitermes walkeri
  • Nasutitermes fumigatus

Termite Identification

Termites are very similar to ants, and that’s often why people confuse them. Since Termites are silent and prefer to be hidden, you are more likely to see signs of termites instead of seeing the actual insects. There are also different species, which an expert will need to identify in order to apply the right treatment.

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When it comes to Termites, the risks and dangers can be devastating so you don’t want to muck around. It’s important to partner with a Termite Management Technician that knows their stuff, and has been around and is sure to stick with you over the years ahead. Fedpest has been proudly protecting Australian homes for over 25 years, and have highly trained, fully licensed Termite Experts that are extremely honest and reliable, covering South East Queensland.

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