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Sunshine Coast Pest Control Stopping Termite Damage Before It Starts
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Choose a team of highly trained professionals to help you protect your home and treat the cause of the problem, not just the visible symptoms. Federal Pest Control technicians Kanishka and Stuart’s understanding of pest behaviour and biology means they know what to look for. Federal helps homeowners take care of their pest problem in the most efficient way possible, using the latest techniques and advanced technology to give you the confidence that you’re living a pest-free life.

Working across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we’ve helped more than 50,000 residential and commercial clients rid their homes of pests over the last 20 years. Make the smart decision and choose Federal Pest Control!

Addressing Pest Infestations across Sunshine Coast and Surrounds

Know you’re working with a company with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to deliver the highest quality pest control service. Federal technicians are regularly provided with ongoing professional education and training, helping them do their job and clean your home better. We understand that prevention is always better – and not to mention cheaper – than a cure, so we help you make your home as unfriendly to pests and vermin as possible, getting the job done right first time, every time through professional service and thorough treatments.

We are dedicated to using the highest grade commercially available products and utilise cutting-edge equipment on every project. You’ll be provided with ample documentation after every visit so you know precisely what has been done with what and where. All of our technicians are fully licensed and carry up to $20 million of public liability insurance with Pacific International.

We pride ourselves on prevision and thoroughness, never compromising on the quality of our work and not leaving a property until we’ve completed every task, resulting in a comprehensive treatment. We set ourselves apart from amateurs and competitors by offering a comprehensive warranty program and a guarantee that you’ll always get the supreme quality service you pay for.


 Local Pest Trends


Termites are common in Sunshine Coast, thriving in locations with high humidity and warm temperatures. Flooding further increases the risk of termite infestations. An annual termite inspection by an approved professional is recommended by the CSIRO to ensure that your property is free of the pests.


A large part of the local ecosystem, a variety of species of ants can be found in homes across the Sunshine Coast area. Ants gravitate towards areas where they can readily find both food and water. Once inside your home, the colony’s workers can rapidly establish a nest in your roof void or wall cavities. General pest control conducted annually is the only sure-fire way to get rid of ants. For your peace of mind, Federal Pest Control provides a 12-month service warranty, meaning we will return free of charge should ants reappear inside your home at any point in the following year.

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Protect Your Home from Termite Damage The Simple Way

The local climate means that homes across south-east Queensland are at a high risk of termite attack. Fortunately, our technicians have decades of experience in the treatment and prevention of termite infestations. We can provide a range of services, including inspection, monitoring and baiting, as well as installing barriers to further protect your home.

Should be suffering from ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats, wasps, or any other pest, know that we’ll be able to help. We provide a range of services designed to deal with pests of all shapes and sizes, helping people across the city resolve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Trust the team at Federal to deliver, rapid, safe and responsive pest control solutions, keeping your home free of unwanted guests.

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Supporting Local Businesses

We are proud to be the contractor of choice for many food and beverage establishments across the city, including hotels, bars and restaurants. Our experience with and knowledge of regulations and legislation relevant to your business means you can rely on us to provide effective pest control services, keeping your establishment pest-free and fully compliant.

Supporting a range of organisations including schools, clinics and healthcare facilities, offices, factories and industrial sites and more, Federal Pest Control delivers discrete and comprehensive pest control with minimal disruption to your business.


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