Prevention or early detection of termite activity is the critical means of reducing the costs associated with termite damage. Termites are subterranean and secretive by nature, they can fit through gaps as small as 1.5mm, and will travel underground to get to your home. The queen termite is an egg-laying machine, capable of living for more than 25 years and producing up to 2,000 eggs per day (that’s more than 9 million eggs in her lifetime)! This equates to 30 termite colonies from just a ONE queen. This arms the termite colony with the capabilities to inflict catastrophic damage to your home without leaving any evidence of their presence.

Every year, termites infest 1 in 4 homes in Australia and cause more damage than fire and floods combined. That’s over $1 billion dollars in damages! The average homeowner then has to fork out $7,000-$8,000 in repair costs, but this can easily tally up to hundreds of thousands of dollars if termites are left undetected for a long enough. Even more concerning is the fact that most people aren’t aware that the average homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the cost of termite damage, making effective prevention and control measures even more important. Federal Pest Control offers guaranteed protection against future termite treatment costs and damage repairs once you have one of our termite systems installed to your home.

The CSIRO & Australian Standards recommends at a minimum an annual termite inspection as the first line of defence to when trying to ensure the safety of your home. Your home is your biggest investment in terms of money, effort and love, so naturally you want only the best provider for all your termite control needs.

Industry surveys reveal that termite infestation could reduce the value of a home by more than 20%. Also highlighting that 74% of prospective buyers would remove a potential home from their shortlist altogether if it were to have termites. Emphasising how small the costs of regular inspections are in comparison to the potential loss of equity in your home that can stem from termite infestation.

Our termite management services include both visual and invasive termite inspections and pre-purchase house inspections. If you are concerned about the threat termites can cause to your existing property you can trust Federal to give you the facts in an easy to read format and to provide you with right advice, our team will explain any issues that are identified with your home and provide detailed recommendations for overcoming the problem, so that you can be sure you’ve made the best decision for you and your family.

So what’s the first step to take to protect your home? Simple. Start with a Termite Inspection & Report, by a qualified Federal Pest Control technician. That will let you know how at risk your home is – or if termites are already there.  Providing you with specific instructions to help eliminate conditions conducive to termite infestations.

To organise a thorough termite inspection and peace of mind, complete the form below or call Federal today.