Australia has more than 300 different species of mosquitoes. They are a small blood-sucking insect belonging to the family of flies called Culicidae. Mosquitoes are known to carry and transmit diseases although only a small number of species are considered a major concern in Australia. It is their persistent biting that is a major disruption to people across Australia. This can affect people’s outdoor lifestyles to a stage where their control is essential.

Recent developments in technology have made it possible to significantly reduce the mosquito and biting insect populations around your home. Call us today and we will arrange to have one of our biting insect specialists to visit your home and design a tailor made solution for your home.


Basic precautions can be taken to minimise contact with mosquitoes.

  • Try to avoid areas known to be infested with mosquitoes.
  • If you are outdoors in mosquito prone areas, wear long sleeved clothing and long pants. Wear covered footwear and socks.
  • Common mosquito repellents sprayed on uncovered skin can be effective (but do not use repeatedly on young children).
  • Screens on doors and windows will prevent them from getting in-doors.
  • Mosquito nets over you bed are a popular barrier against biting.
  • Try and empty any water in open containers or objects around you home such as pot plant bases or guttering to help prevent breeding. A thin mesh can be applied over water tanks or small ponds to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
  • Common insecticidal sprays, mosquito coils and electric traps can be useful in deterring Mosquitoes around your home, especially at dusk when they are more likely to bite and a popular time for us to be outdoors socialising or relaxing.