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Does your business need Pest Control Management?

Pests cause a lot of damage to local businesses, even before the infestation escalates.

By having our experts inspect your business premises for pests on a regular basis, you can be sure  the early signs of an infestation are spotted early.

This helps you to take action when there is a pest problem on the property, so we can prevent the infestation from growing or even happening in the first place.

The most common sign that you have a pest infestation is when you see pests on your property regularly.

Pests can infest any part of your business, including classrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants, garden and hotels among others, so it’s best to remain vigilant and check everywhere regularly.

Using preventative measures can stop an infestation from happening, however one type of pest control method is not going to work on all pests.

This is why you have to call in the professionals, who have the knowledge and experience to deal with all types of pests.

If you can’t find the source of the infestation, you need to seek expert pest control advice.

Finding the source of an infestation can be very hard. Our experts assess your property to locate and eliminate the source of the pests.

Being in close contact with pests on a regular basis is a massive health risk to your staff, customers and yourself.

Therefore it is vital you take the right step to take to protect your reputation, your revenue and your business.

Heavy rainfall encourages cockroaches to seek warmer, drier places to breed and feed.

Although cockroaches usually hide in drains, behind stoves and fridges, in bathroom and kitchen cupboards, and under floors of older houses, heavy rainfall often encourages cockroaches to seek warmer, drier places to breed and feed.

Cockroaches can carry many disease-causing germs on and in their bodies. Because their natural homes include rubbish, dirt and filth, they readily pick up germs from these areas.

They then walk over food, cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment, benches, tables and other places in the home and pass the germs on to us.

Diseases carried by cockroaches, include bacterial diseases, salmonellosis, shigellosis, viral gastroenteritis, and hepatitis A.

Our expert pest control technicians recommend keeping food in containers which have tightly fitting lids, storing food handling equipment and containers up off the floor where possible, and filling in small cracks and crevices (holes), in which cockroaches could hide.

Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me

When flies land on things like food scraps, manure, faeces or dead animals they pick up disease-carrying germs and germs. The germs are carried on their hairy bodies and legs and in their stomachs.

Those same flies land on you and your family; on food, cups, knives and plates, spreading those same germs and particles.

When you eat that food or use these articles when eating food, you become sick.

Germs from a fly’s legs and body, and stomach get onto food while it is eating, and some of these germs will be left behind on the food after the fly has gone.

Diseases caused by germs and parasites from flies include bacterial diseases, salmonellosis, shigellosis, trachoma, viral diseases and hepatitis A.

Should you have any cuts and sores on your body, disease-carrying flies can land on them and cause them to become infected.

Flies can also carry a germ which causes the serious eye disease trachoma.

As flies are attracted to the salt in the tears (moisture) from people’s eyes and can pass on germs which cause other kinds of eye infections, such as pus eyes.


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Does your prospective property have termite tenants?

Sadly many people are still falling in to the trap of buying a new home or investment property without first undertaking adequate pest inspection. This mistake is all too common in the areas Federal Pest Control cover, and is causing heartache with new owners being left with costly hidden problems with their new property.

In Queensland it is standard for contracts of sale to include a building and pest condition report.

However, sellers are not legally obliged to fix every issue raised by pest inspections prior to the sale of a property.

This means while a major termite infestation could result in the termination of a contract of sale, this is only IF the infestation was both obvious and known to the seller at the time the price was negotiated.

Fortunately Federal Pest Control offer pre-purchase inspections of prospective properties, to be conducted before you finalise the purchase of any property.

Our expert technician will identify which (if any) termite management system has been used on the home and the maintenance requirements of the system.

A Federal Pest Control tech will also be able to tell you if the property is in an area where there is risk of termite attack.

Every member of our team is local to the area they service, with local expertise and an intimate knowledge of the characteristics of pests in the area, especially termites, allowing them to provide you with tailored expert advice and localised professional solutions.

While a building inspection is not a warranty against future defects, when a homeowner installs Federal’s Comprehensive Termite Management System, they are eligible to be granted a $100,000.00 Timber Replacement Warranty providing them with total peace of mind as well financial security.

It’s important to note that unfortunately the average home owner’s insurance policy does not cover termite damage.

Federal Pest Control also recommend you make it a condition of your contract that you are satisfied with the outcome of our inspection.

As REIQ’s chief executive Antonia Mercorella says;

“Termite damage should be caught by the building and pest inspection, which is why it is so strongly recommended that all buyers get their own building and pest inspection done.”

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Heavy rainfall means we’re not the only ones seeking shelter

Rats and mice love to nest close to rubbish, exposed food, storage places, kitchen cupboards and holes in walls.

They are also found in pipes, insulation, under buildings, in ceilings and in trees and gardens, and under floors of older houses.

Unfortunately the heavy rainfall we’ve just had often encourages mice and rats to seek warmer, drier places to breed and feed.

Not only do these pests carry diseases themselves, they also harbour disease carrying parasites which can be deadly.

Such pests also increase the chances of larger pests entering the home in search of a meal.