Mud-Dauber Wasps

Mud Dauber Wasp - Infographic

The Mud-dauber Wasp is commonly encountered throughout Australia. You can identify a Mud-Dauber Wasp by their elongated body that is mostly black with yellow patches and its characteristic waist that is long and thread-like.

The females build mud nests in sheltered situations such as caves, overhangs or even inside buildings. Adult Mud-dauber Wasps usually feed on flower nectar, however they are occasionally seen flying with a spider held in their jaws, this spider is destined to be fed to their larvae in a mud nest. Normally the Mud-dauber Wasp puts several paralysed spiders in each nest with one egg, to eat when it hatches.

The adults are often seen collecting water and mud for their nests, which they commonly construct in protected areas of houses, buildings and rock overhangs. However they can be found living in urban areas, forests or woodlands where they have an adequate food source. Mud-dauber Wasps are a type of solitary wasp that do not establish colonies, you may notice individual mud nests appear under the eaves of buildings or on the outside walls, the most effective treatment is to knock down and remove the nest, however it is important to remember that they can return.