Australia is host to the most damaging subterranean termites found anywhere in the world.

There are more than 300 different species of termites in Australia. Most of them never come into contact with the structures that we build. However, there are only 6 main genera of termites that cause most of the damage to the structures that we build.

The 6 Termites that cause the most Damage to Structures

1. Mastotermes Darwiniensis

Mastotermes Darwiniensis

2. Schedorhinotermes Spp

Schedorhinotermes Spp

3. Coptotermes Spp

Coptotermes Spp

4. Nasutittermes Spp

Nasutittermes Spp

5. Heterotermes Spp

Heterotermes Spp

6. Microcerotermes spp

Microcerotermes spp