How to Find Termites on Your Property

  • The easiest way to find termites is to start in your own backyard. Just turn over any pieces of wood lying on the ground.Termites eating a piece of wood in a backyard
  • If you don’t have any timber lying around in your backyard, congratulations you have taken the first step in reducing the risk of termite attack.
  • Termites also like to forage underneath bark commonly used in landscaping.

How do I find termites

How to discover termites in your house

  • There is no substitute for regular inspections carried out by a qualified termite inspector.
  • Termites are secretive and can exist in massive numbers inside your walls without any, or only very cryptic and seemingly insignificant external visible signs.
  • Our highly trained professional termite inspectors use non-destructive tools and rely on a wealth of shared experience to find termites where the signs of termite infestation would escape the normal person.
  • However, termites can attack at any time so if you notice any signs of termites you should call us immediately

Many homeowners have approached us lately with reports they have noticed small holes in their walls or stating that they been inundated with thousands of flying termites.

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