Understanding your termite inspection report:

What it means when your reports says the inspector found evidence of termites –

Sometimes an inspector does not actually find any live termites, but he or she finds evidence of termite activity. This can be because:

  • There was a previous infestation of termites which has been successfully treated; or
  • Termites are actively infesting the building but at the time of the inspection they were not in any accessible areas; or
  • The termites have been disturbed and have temporarily abandoned the area; or
  • The area is too hot, too cold or too dry at the time of the inspection and the termites will return when the conditions become more favourable; or
  • The infestation has been unsuccessfully treated and the termites have only abandoned that area and are continuing to cause damage in other, inaccessible areas.

Where there is evidence of termites the building always remains at a higher risk of reinfestation because there is a network of underground galleries that lead to the house.

A proactive termite management program and regular inspections are always recommended.

Also you should notice that the termite inspector has identified, where possible, the type of termites they found when inspecting your home. There are 6 types of termites that can cause significant structural damage to the timber in your home and the treatment plan may vary depending on the type of termite found. As a homeowner you should know exactly what type of termites are attacking your home.

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