1. The most common sign is damage to the skirting boards.

This is often discovered during the routine cleaning and vacuuming of the floors when the vacuum cleaner bumps against the skirting board and makes a hole.

2. Unexplained mud inside the house.

Even small pieces of mud inside the house can be a sign that termites are infesting the house. Because termites always need a moist environment to work they use the mud to seal off their galleries to prevent the dry air entering.

3. Distorted paint surfaces

Termites will often eat the timber from the inside right up to the paint without breaking through. Often the only visible sign is a distortion in the painted surface

4. Sagging timbers and doors that no longer open and close properly

5. The sound termites make, people often here this late at night when everything is quiet.

Now that you know what signs to look for how do you find termites?

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