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Termites or “white ants” have only one purpose in life, which is to find timber and turn into fertile soil. This works really well in their natural environment but, of course, when they begin to attack our houses and other structures we need to have termite protection and strategies to keep termites out.

There are many different ways to discourage termites and the best system for your house depends on, where you live and the type of termites endemic to that area.

Getting Rid of These Nasty Vermin, For Good

In Australia many of the treatment methods and terms used in other countries such as Termite Fumigation and exterminate termites are not appropriate for the types of termites found here, this is because Australia is the home of the most damaging and prolific termites found any where in the world. Knowing these basic termite facts are essential if you are researching the best ways to kill termites in and around your house.

Macro photo of Termite eating wood.

Treatments and methods that may work perfectly in other countries are often not effective in battling the larger, more numerous and more voracious Australian termite species.

While many people do refer to termites as “white ants” this name carries little value in actually identifying termites. With this name becoming cause for confusion for so many homeowners who may discover what they think are termites, but then discount their findings because the insect they have found are not in fact white. To avoid confusion there are 3 main differences that you can look for when trying to distinguish a termite from an ant.

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