Why a 12 month warranty should come with all external spider treatments!

Now that you have an understanding of the distinction between these 2 categories, its easy to see that non webbing spiders must come into contact with the treatment directly and that webbing spiders can be affected by the pesticide indirectly through their webs.


However, unlike many other pests the residual effects of pesticides on spiders are very limited because:

  • Other pests have padded feet that absorb the poison, while spiders walk on claw like feet that do not absorb poison.
  • Most other insects don’t have this thick protection of hair, while spiders bodies are covered in fine hair which protects them from any pesticides they brush past.
  • Finally there pests like cockroaches for instance are constantly cleaning their antennae, like the cockroach in this picture during the cleaning process the cockroach will eat the pesticide that has attached its antennae. By comparison spiders never clean themselves so they don’t ingest the pesticide during grooming and cleaning.


Because the all treatments for spiders have very little residual effect on spiders it is important that your treatment comes a 12 month service warranty, so that if any spiders return to your home over the 12 month period your Federal Pest Control technician will return and retreat you home free of charge. Many other companies will not warranty spiders for 12 months because of the lack a residual effects, and will charge you call out fee’s for any additional treatments throughout the year. This is why you should always ask for a 12 month service warranty on all external spider treatments as it will save you money and ensure you receive a significantly higher quality of service over the long term.