In Australia, spiders are a significant threat to both home and business owners. As they can find their way into tiny space and work their bodies into tough areas to get to, they can sometimes go unnoticed. That is until they’ve built up an army and taken over your area.

The experts at FedPest are experienced in rectifying these issues by actioning spider control. As we span across Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, we can attend to your infestation in the best approach to suit your overall property and operations.

The benefits of our spider control services

We’ve designed our solutions to be safe and effective for families, home owners or business owners. All products used by our team are of a professional industry standard, meaning you’re only investing in quality solutions. Moreover, we endeavour to give all clients a long-lasting result, so you can get back to enjoying your space with a peace of mind.

Species of spiders

There’s literally an endless list we could outline, but the primary types to watch out for are:

The White Tail: Easily identified by its elongated body, typically shaped like a cigar. It will also have a distinct white line on the tail as well. This species is mostly found inside properties on lower floors, as well as under office items or furniture. It’s important to note that this species can be harmful, as they are venomous and can cause a nasty bite.

Wolf: These ones are harder to distinguish from a White Tail, as they look quite similar. Whilst they have similar behaviours, they are less common.

Huntsman: A larger spider that can move extremely fast. They can sometimes show aggressive behaviour if prodded or provoked, but don’t usually attempt to hide. You’ll probably find them on your walls or ceilings.

Black House: This outdoor spider is usually seen building many messy webs that look disorganised. You’ll find them around your windows, on decking roofs or around your skylights. Sometimes they will frequent gardens, fences, playgrounds, clothes lines and even bins.

Treating the issue

Spider control for any Brisbane or Gold Coast home is a straight forward process but does require thorough application. Depending on the severity and area of the infestation, our experts will apply the best method available. In many cases, you won’t need to vacate the premises during or after the treatment.

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