Federal Pest Control technicians will always complete a full interior and exterior inspection of the property in order to determine the extent of the rodent infestation by identifying droppings, runways and rubmarks, burrows and nests, gnawings and urine stains. The technician will ask you if you have sited, heard or smelt any signs of possible rodent activity.

They will then employ a number use a range of strategies, including baits and traps. When appropriate our technicians will install lockable bait stations for the safety of children and pets. These stations are placed on runways or near harbourages. Where possible stations will be placed out of sight as they must be screwed to the wall or the floor. The technician will then prepare a site plan noting the location of all bait stations.

You will be provided with recommendations around how to best rodent proof your property, such as closing off access points in walls and the roof, trimming back trees and removing food sources.

All Federal Pest Control rodent treatments include a 3 month service warranty, but its important to note that rats are neophobic (scared of new things) and so it may take 2-3 days before they start feeding on the bait. Once they start feeding on the bait, the rodent will normally take the bait back to their nest to feed, these nests are most commonly located outside, and while the poison takes 2-3 weeks to kill the rodent they will normally die outside.

It can be expected that you will notice a decrease in rodent activity within approximately 2 weeks of the treatment and after around 4 weeks you should not be seeing or hearing any rodents.