Helpful Hints after a Federal Pest Control Rodent Treatment

  1. Make sure all foods that are not stored in either a can or jar, are placed in a heavy plastic container or the refrigerator. This includes chips, nut’s, cereals, breads, grain based foods, pet foods, etc., as rodents can chew through bags and boxes.
  1. Repair any holes in walls, around skirting boards and doors; repair any holes in fly screens, etc.
  1. Take note of areas that you are sighting rodents or seeing signs of rodents.
  1. Have a clean-up of areas in your yard or shed that may be harbourage areas for rodents.
  1. Make sure that rubbish is put into bins daily and that rubbish bin lids are down and not open.

Now that you are fully prepared find out how your Federal Pest Control Professional will go about treating your rodent problem.

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