The appearance of a flea
Dog Flea, Ctenocephalides canis (occurs worldwide)


With an approximate length of 2.5mm an adult flea is dark in colour and can appear in shades from brown through reddish brown. Fleas do not have wings, but do have six long legs that make them capable of jumping very large distances from host to host.

A fleas body is thin and flat, to ensure that they can move easily through an animals fur. The flea also has hair covering its own body serving to anchor them to their host. The flea’s mouthparts are engineered to extract blood from the flea’s host.

Fleas are visible to the naked eye and are commonly seen moving through the fur of an infested pet, and can cause the pets skin to reddened in colour due to the irritation caused by their presence.

Fleas in their larvae stage are a dirty-white in colour and measure 3 to 5.2 mm in length.

Even when you know what fleas look like, due to their small size you will probably notice the symtoms of having a flea problems before you see any fleas. To know what to watch out for:

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