You  must  treat  both  the fleas  found on  your  dog,  your  home and  environment simultaneously, so that the dog is not re-infested. Only a single flea is required to bite your pet and cause terrible symptoms. On pet treatment options include:

  1. Chewable flea tablets: such as Comfortis chewable flea control tablets for dogs.
  2. Top spot flea treatments: such as Advantage, Revolution or Front Line can kill fleas within hours.
  3. Flea  collars  and  insecticide  shampoos:  these  treatment  methods  are  not
    recommended as they have become very out-dated, and with more effective treatments available on the market they can be a waste of time and money.

Your vet may also need to prescribe antibiotics and anti-fungal medication to treat the secondary bacterial or yeast infections. Your vet may also place your dog on a short course of prednisone to relieve the inflammation, however, the only long term treatment for flea allergy dermatitis is total flea control and not allowing one single flea to come in contact with your dog.

Product Information:

Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs are a meat-flavoured tablet, which most dogs  find  highly  palatable.  It  rapidly  kills  fleas  on  dogs   and  then  goes  on   to prevent flea infestations for a further month.  Comfortis starts to kill fleas within 30 minutes of administration and will kill 100% of fleas on a dog within 4 hours. In fact it is the only long term flea control pill available which has been approved by   the   APVMA   (Australia)   and   EPA  (US).   Comfortis   tablets   may  be  a   little expensive,  but  are  100%  effective,  so  are well  worth  the  extra  cost. One of  the biggest   benefits   of   a   chewable   tablet   like   Comfortis    over   topical    ‘spot-on’ treatments is there are no restrictions on washing or bathing your pet afterwards, which makes for it great for dogs who love the water or need regular baths. Like all treatments it is important to note side effects can occur, with vomiting being the most common side effect of this treatment.


How Comfortis Works:

Comfortis contains spinosad, an insecticide that causes constant over-stimulation of the flea nervous system. This results in initial hyperexcitation and an inability to feed, followed rapidly by paralysis and flea death. Spinosad only works on insect nervous  systems,  making  it  safe  for  your  dog.  Due  to  this  unique  mode of  action, Comfortis   is  useful  where   fleas   have   become   resistant   to   older  flea  control
products and ‘spot-ons’.

It is so important to provide your pets with the very best care so that they stay happy and healthy, but after reading all about fleas biting them are you starting to feel a little itchy and scratchy? Or have you recently noticed any unexplained bumps on your skin.

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