Get the most out of your Federal Pest Control flea treatment by using these helpful hints:

  1. Treat your pet in conjunction with the Federal Pest Control Flea Treatment. You achieve better results if all flea treatments – environmental and on animal – are done at the same time.
  2. Do not leave flea infested areas undisturbed – movement hatches fleas – especially remember the spare room, shed or places where the pet likes to rest. Walk through all areas wearing socks, making sure to tuck your pant leg into the sock, which allows you to see the fleas as they try to bite.
  3. If you remove the pet, flea problems may appear to be worse – as you become the only potential host.
  4. Entering vacation houses will stimulate any fleas waiting to emerge from their pupae stage. This is especially a problem with vacant rental or holiday houses.
  5. If you are going on holidays, have a friend stomp through the house and/or yard several times while you are away, especially on the day you return -‘the fleas will be stimulated to emerge from their pupae stage and die on the treated surface areas before you return.
  6. Do not vacuum or mop for at least 14 days after treatment.
  7. Be patient. Even if everything has been done correctly, you will still see newly hatched fleas, usually for several weeks.

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Helpful Hints after a Federal Pest Flea Treatment