To eradicate a flea infestation a multifaceted treatment plan must be enacted. Addressing only a pet’s infestation or individual flea bites will not prove effective for ridding your home of fleas. Since the immature stages of fleas are very cryptic by nature, most of the time simply using over-the-counter flea control products will not resolve the root causes of the infestation. In contrast your Federal Pest Control professional will conduct a thorough inspection and locate areas where the immature stages of the flea population are residing. After completing the inspection, the next step is preparing the flea management plan. This plan will include:

  1. Identifying the flea species causing the problem.
  2. Explaining the fleas’ life cycle and how their habits, habitats and behaviour affect the control plan.
  3. Inspecting for the presence of other animals that are the flea population’s source of food. This may include rodents either inside or outside the home or perhaps a possum that maybe living in the roof void or crawl space.
  4. Advising the homeowner to contact their veterinarian for advice and to purchase flea control products that can be used on their pets.
  5. Regular bathing and grooming of pets.
  6. Explaining the use of growth regulators that will interfere with the fleas normal development into the adult stage of its life cycle.
  7. Using a strong vacuum to physically remove flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.
  8. Frequently washing and drying pet bedding.
  9. Treating affected areas by using safe and effective flea control products where immature fleas may be located.
  10. Scheduling a follow-up visit.

Effective flea control should always encompass both substance based and physical techniques; and be conducted on your pet as well as the inside and outside of your home. For this reason you should always contact your Federal Pest Control professional to discuss treatment options designed specifically for your infestations.

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