Fleas on dogs and cats.
The key areas on your pet’s body targeted by fleas.

If your pets are seen to be repeatedly scratching and grooming themselves this is generally the first visible sign that your pet has fleas. This is caused by the discomfort of the flea activity as the adult fleas feed on the pet’s blood. You should examine the pet’s fur; the hindquarters of dogs and the head and neck of cats are most commonly targeted by the fleas and infested animal will have reddened skin and may start to lose their hair. If you can see insects moving between your pets hair or of there is red and black droppings present on your pet’s skin you should:

A) Contact your local veterinarian to discuss flea treatment options to address fleas found on your pet, remember the fleas found on you pet are only 5% of the flea problem, so you must;

B) Contact Federal Pest Control to put in place a customised flea management plan for your home to resolve the other 95% of your flea problem, created by the eggs, larvae and pupae not found on your pet, but who will soon transform and re-infest your animal.

C) Clean your home thoroughly – linens and pet bedding should be washed.

If you cannot see any sign of fleas on you pet, and the scratching persists you should contact you veterinarian to help identify another skin condition that maybe causing your pets discomfort.

If your pet has flea its important to treat you pet as well as your home. Save you pet from the pain and suffering associated with having fleas.

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