How To Identify and Manage a Flea Problem

Adult fleas are relatively easy to see and so most of our attention is directed at adult fleas. Adult fleas are normally very easy to locate, particularly if the home is empty due to a period of long vacation or absence. When the homeowner and their pets return to the house they are often greeted by a mass of fleas jumping around trying to land on both them and their pets, in search for a blood meal. The vibrations, carbon dioxide and body heat produced by the homeowner and their pets walking around causes this phenomenon to occur as the flea that have been suspended in their pupae stage and emerge in the presence of a host.

The flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are another situation. Since these stages are far more secretive, less active, and hide out of sight they are far less noticeable. However, these stages do in fact consist of to 95% of all living fleas that are causing problems to the homeowner.

Want to know the 3 most common signs of a flea problem?

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