The key to treating a German Cockroach infestation is understanding its biology and habits and knowing the limits of chemical and other treatments. A well trained and highly skilled technician will have developed specific skills in identifying all the potential German Cockroach harbourages in an area. They will then develop a specific treatment plan for that area which will included the strategic placement of special gels and baits in and around the areas that the cockroaches forage for food during the night.

These treatments do not rely on spraying chemicals or dusts that might kill many cockroaches initially but never completely solve the problem as the chemical resistant population rebuilds and becomes harder and harder to treat with traditional old technology treatments.

Often clients will contact us after having had ongoing German Cockroach infestations for years and spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on ineffective treatments carried out less skilled operators. Even though our treatment might take 2 weeks to have an effect we are generally able to completely solve the problem with one visit, sometimes and rarely more, but most importantly we have never had a German Cockroach infestation in 20 years of business that we have not been able to control.

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