The brownbanded cockroach is relatively small and pale brown in colour with very pale bands across thorax and abdomen. The females wings are somewhat reduced and do not cover the abdomen completely, while those of the male cover the abdomen. The male also appears more slender than the female. This species of cockroach tends to be an indoors pest, frequently infesting all areas of homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and storerooms. Females have a preference for laying their egg cases inside wardrobes, dressers, cabinets, and behind bookshelves or wallpaper.

Brownbanded cockroaches are very active and prefer warm conditions, but require less moisture than the german cockroach, they are known to frequently fly when disturbed or when temperatures are high. Sightings of brownbanded cockroaches during the day is not unusual and due to their dispersal throughout all areas of a building they can be difficult to control if the technician is not highly trained.

Now regardless of what type of cockroaches are infesting your home, you certainly will want them gone!

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