The Australian cockroach is dark brown in colour and relatively large in size.

While an adult American Cockroach is relatively similar in appearance, the two species can be distinguished by two distinct features only displayed by the Australian cockroach:

  1. clearly defined markings on the pronotum (shield like structure over the head)
  2. distinct yellow markings on the foremargins of the forewing.

The Australian cockroach prefers food of plant origin and so is most commonly found outdoors. Often under bark of trees, in leaf litter in gardens, among wood piles, in greenhouses, outhouses, and in other locations that offer moist, decaying vegetable matter. They can also be found in subfloors, wall voids, roof voids, garages and sheds.

Australian Cockroaches tend to be more frequently encountered in warm, subtropical and tropical conditions and they are know to fly in warm weather.

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