At Federal Pest Control we know that you can’t help but feel revolted when you switch on the kitchen light and you see cockroaches scatter everywhere. You know they collect germs as the crawl around sewers, rubbish tips and other dirty places. Their next step could be up the drain pipe and into the cupboard to eat your cornflakes. You’re right to feel squeamish at the thought of that because you know cockroaches carry diseases such as typhoid, T.B., hepatitis and salmonella.

Understandably you want them gone. Federal Pest Control provides the best cockroach treatment available in the market, and its so good that we guarantee that our treatment program will make sure that they don’t return. All cockroach treatments come with a 12 month service warranty so if at any point the cockroaches return within 12 months of your treatment your technician will return to your home to retreat the problem free of charge.

You might think your house is nice and clean and tidy, but this doesn’t deter the cockroaches in the slightest.

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