Cockroaches are scavengers that have achieved pest status by exploiting foods that humans make available to them through inefficient waste disposal, inadequate food protection, and poor general conditions of sanitation and hygiene.

Typically small in appearance with a red to brown colour, these flat-bodied creatures are able to crawl into even the tiniest gaps, making them hard to spot. They’re likely to be found breeding in kitchens and food preparation areas, where resources are abundant.
The role that these scavengers play in the transmission of diseases to humans is also significant. It’s important to exterminate these pests when an infestation becomes apparent.

Why It’s Important

Professional treatment is important when undertaking cockroach control. When done efficiently and thoroughly, the long-term results are also a huge advantage to the property owner. If you’re running a business, cockroaches are likely to pose a bigger threat of contamination and potential damage to both your overall brand, the stored items around the space, and the staff working in it. For home owners, these are also factors, with the added need to also protect family.

Cockroach Control for Different Species

The services at FedPest are designed to eradicate a number of species across the cockroach family. The most typical types are the German, American, Oriental, Australian and Common Shining. Most of these are apparent around properties on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and are most prevalent during warmer months.

Treating the Problem

FedPest are well-versed in applying the most suitable cockroach control options available. To ensure we’re able to treat the problem effectively, we’ll assess the state and severity, allowing you to gain a peace of mind towards our approach. We’ll then ensure long-lasting effects become the end-result, giving you the chance to enjoy your property once more.

If you’d like to find out more about FedPest’s cockroach control solutions for Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, please contact us for a no-obligation quote on 1800 647 996.

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