How can I reduce the risk of Bed Bugs infesting my home or business?

Evidence shows that bed bugs are more commonly found in low cost short stay accommodation. however they can be found anywhere that people sleep including charter boats and trains. If you are travelling, you may want to consider spraying the exterior of your luggage with an aerosol insecticide, as this may kill bed bugs that have crawled onto your luggage during transit. Wherever possible, thoroughly inspect your luggage on arrival at your destination and look out for ‘signs of bed bugs’ (make this a link to the next article) wherever you stay.

Ask guests who may be lodging or staying at your home whether they have experienced unexplained insect bites. If they have, help them to inspect their belongings carefully for evidence of bed bugs and treat promptly if anything is found.

Check second hand furniture carefully, particularly bedroom furniture for evidence of bed bugs and have it treated by your Federal Pest Control professional is bed bugs are found. This should be done before moving it into your home. Think carefully about picking up furniture from hard rubbish collections as it could be infested with bed bugs. The regular use of a vacuum cleaner with a disposal bag may help to remove adults, nymphs and cast skins, however eggs are more difficult to remove so you need to employ the skills of a professional.

While preventative measures are the best type of action you can possible take, if you already have an infestation of bed bugs you will want to know how to eradicate them.

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