A range of low toxicity products such as synthetic pyrethroids and carbamates are available for use indoors to control bed bugs. Pesticides do not kill bed bug eggs, so residual products are more effective than non-residual products, as these will kill immature bed bugs once the eggs have hatched. It is important to note that products that are used to kill bed bugs are only available to licensed pest management technicians. This is because in depth knowledge of the products is critical because many of these products can only be used to treat cracks and crevices where bed bugs are found and should not be applied to bedding where human contact may occur. They are designed to be applied to surfaces where bed bugs may be harbouring, and should not be used to treat surface areas.

After the initial treatment, a follow-up inspection should be carried out to find out if further bed bugs or eggs are present. In most cases, repeat treatments are required to control bed bugs. Bed bugs can be evasive, so detecting and eradicating them may be difficult without the experience with these types of pest and the used of the appropriate products, so seeking the services of your local Federal Pest Control expert is advisable.