Bed Bug Removal



Bud bugs are small insects that feed on human blood piercing the skin. They seek out blood meals from humans, usually at night and are attracted to our body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale. They do not live on humans and they do not burrow into the skin.

Bed bugs are very mobile, but only move short distances to feed (upto 3 metres) so they are usually found close to the food source. Bed bugs are most commonly found on mattresses, particularly along the stitched edges where there are fold, which provide protection. They can also be found in bed frames, behind bed heads, in bedside furniture and floor joints, carpet edges, air conditioning ducts, light fittings, picture frames, behind wall paper and other cracks and crevices in a room that provide them with security.

Bed bugs can walk to adjoining rooms and units, but over greater distances they are carried in and on peoples luggage and belongings. This is how bed bugs are moved from infested premises to new premises around Australia and internationally. There is evidence of resurgence around the world in the commercial accommodation industry and in private homes, so look out for signs of bed bugs when travelling or if travellers visit your premises.

If your starting to wonder what exactly you should be looking for….

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