Ants become a pest most commonly when they enter out homes while scavenging for food and water. A number of species can make use of the space in your house to form a nest frequently using areas such as your wall cavities, or even within electrical appliances. Other species nest within timber, but Australian ant species can only they excavate only rotten wood (unlike termites which are able to damage sound timber).

Black House Ants are the most common species found in Queensland homes. These tiny black ants quickly discover food and can recruit a large number of workers to return it to their nest.

The nest building of species of ants such as Green-Head Ants, and in particular, Pasture Funnel Ants can cause havoc with lawns, playing fields and gold courses. This is because they create ‘volcanoes’ of soil, brought to the surface after rain that can smother the lawn. When these mounds of soil occur in high densities they are not only unsightly but can make tasks such as mowing difficult to complete.

The main affinity for ants is food; they are attracted to sweet and sticky substances. There are many natural ways to deter ants, but these solutions are by no means 100% guaranteed or long term, only working to resolve mild problems for short time frames. To stop ants completely the root cause has to be eradicated, which means eliminating the entire colony of ants.