Although small in size an ant’s bite can inflict a large amount of pain, which could lead to severe allergic reactions. Some species of ants that are known to inflict a painful bite include:

  • Banded Sugar Ants – this species is known for its strong mandibles.
  • Giant Bull Ants & Jumper Ants – these species display highly aggressive behaviour and have a powerful sting that can cause serious allergic reactions and fatalities.
  • Greenhead Ants – the painful sting of this species is known to produce severe allergic reactions in some people.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants – this species display highly aggressive behaviour, its sting produces a raised pustule and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people that can lead to fatalities.
  • Meat Ant – this species do not sting, but can give a painful bite.

If you are ever bitten by one of these ants you will be able to provide yourself with some relief if you know how to treat an ant bite.

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