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For over 30 years, Federal Pest Control has kept family homes and businesses pest free. Our extensive experience and up to date knowledge of pests and treatments make us the ideal choice for protecting your property and business. Find out more about the pests that we treat and how we can help you with removing and preventing pests.

Cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, fleas and other nasty pests have evolved over millions of years to thrive in close contact with humans. You don’t want them in your home nor do you want the diseases they carry and the danger they pose to the health of your family.

Our 12 month warranty for cockroaches, silverfish, internal ants and external spiders means that you can relax and leave all the worrying about pests to our highly trained and professional technicians.

Pesky Pests in Your Suburb

All Other Pests That We Treat

  • Ipswich Area

    Distance: 15226.42 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Northern Gold Coast

    Distance: 15193.57 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • South Brisbane

    Distance: 15201.4 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Sunshine Coast

    Distance: 15144.2 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • West Brisbane

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  • East Brisbane

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  • Central Gold Coast

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  • Northern Rivers

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  • Lismore Area

    Distance: 15244.51 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Tweed Coast

    Distance: 15198.5 Kilometers (Approx.)