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Remember the time when your uncle Wayne tried to torch the wasp nest under the washing line with a lighter and a can of hairspray and ended up setting fire to the bloody laundry!

Don’t be a Wayne. Call in the professionals. 

Wasps and wasp nests can be a real nuisance here in Queensland. Keeping you ducking and weaving and scared to use your own patio. Not to mention if you have babies or children – the worry of painful wasp stings and possible allergic reactions is enough to make anyone on edge.

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4 Signs you have a wasp problem


1. You’ve seen wasps flying around

If you are seeing wasps flying around the outdoor space of your home you may have a wasp problem. Wasps have yellow and black markings on their bodies. They maneuver through the air quickly, similar to a bird. Since they are fast flying insects, wasps can be difficult to spot however, you may be able to hear them buzzing around your home. If you are seeing and/or hearing wasps around the exterior of your home it is a sign you need to have the issue dealt with.




2. You’ve found a nest nearby

If you have located a wasp nest that can also be a sure sign that you have a wasp problem. Wasp nests can be hidden or in plain sight. You may notice wasps flying in and out of a small opening in your home if the wasp nest is hidden. Some wasps even nest in the ground near gardens or plants, preferring a hidden location for protection. Wasps can damage your plants and flowers, so if you find a nest, you should consider calling a professional Pest Management provider.



3. Someone in your family had a wasp sting

Ouch. Being stung by a wasp isn’t fun, and is a sure sign that you have a wasp problem that’s overdue being dealt with. Wasps use their stinger to defend themselves when they feel threatened. You may not intend to have threatened them, however invading their space will put them on the defense. Wasp stings can be dangerous, particularly if the person being stung is allergic. If you have young children or pets don’t delay in dealing with a wasp infestation in your home or yard.


4. You’re finding wasps inside

Having found wasps in your home, is certain to have created a more urgent and unavoidable situation. You will need to find where the wasps have entered your house, so that you know where abouts needs to be treated. Wasps can be known to enter houses through windows or doors. They can enter when the door or window is ajar, or if they are not sealed properly.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Wasps can retaliate when disturbed and can cause quite a nasty and painful sting, even worse allergic reactions in some people, so it’s best to call a professional Pest Management Technician to ensure nobody gets hurt and the pest is eradicated efficiently and safely.

Always remain still if a wasp approaches you, protect your face and neck as these areas are mostly likely to be targeted by the wasps and would be the most dangerous if stung. If you have to run away don’t flail your arms around run in a straight line. Don’t swat at wasps or you will provoke them to sting you.

Be Careful to dispose of all food and drinks, especially soft drink cans. Never leave sugary drinks unattended and always check sugary drinks for wasps before consuming. Keep your property clean and tidy. Check for wasps before gardening. Protect your feet by wearing closed shoes.

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the common paper wasp is widespread in Australia and is renowned for it’s painful sting often occuring when their nest is disturbed. With a pain sensation described as caustic and burning and a duration of up to 15 minutes.

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