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Honestly the best guys in Pest Control

Family & Pet Friendly, Guaranteed Results


It’s true most people cringe at creepy crawlies – the mere mention of mice, cockies, silverfish and spiders is enough to make your skin crawl. You’re in good hands with our guys though. No worries, we’re here and always happy to help – we’ll have all your Pest Control problems sorted. Our tidy, team of polite, professional Pesties can take care of you. Fedpest is the name you can trust – we’ve been around for 25+ years and have local knowledge like no other. Second to none in experience, expertise & service we’re in it for the long haul, we like our customers coming back. A once a year visit from your Fedpest friends will keep your family home safe and well – and free from unwanted guests!

We’ve been protecting Aussie homes for over 20 years

Polite, professional Pesties – you’d trust even to send to your nan’s place!

We stand by our work and we’ll come back if the little buggers return*

Safe applications mean no need to empty the kitchen cupboards

We know life’s hectic so we offer after hours & weekend bookings

We arrive when we say we will, so you don’t get stuffed around

We go the extra mile to make you smile


Federal Pest Control offers Pest Control Services for common household pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, ticks, fleas, rodents, mice, rats, keeping you and your family’s home free from the bacteria, disease, damage that these pests bring. You can rest assured our treatments are safe and highly effective. We offer Pest Control solutions for both commercial and residential properties. 

We are proud of our people, training, and support – our polite, professional technicians are tidy and respectable tradespeople that you can trust to enter your home. We care about what is important to you, your family, pets and property. Federal Pest Control Pest Management Technicians are industry leaders and are highly trained, licensed and comprehensively insured.

Moreton Bay Residential Pest Control Services:

  • Cockroach treatment, 
  • Ant treatment
  • Spider control
  • Silverfish treatment
  • Flea Treatments
  • Wasp Removal
  • Possum Removal
  • Rodent Control.
  • Termite Treatments and 
  • Termite Detection Services.
  • Pigeon and Bird Proofing
  • White Ant Treatments or Termites

Unwanted Guests? Call Fedpest  1800 647 996

Termites Moreton Bay

When owning a home or business it’s really important to partner with a professional, reliable, honest Termite Specialist that you can trust to detect and protect your property from Termite damage. Termite Companies are not all equal, it’s worth doing your homework ensuring you choose an experienced company that’s been around a while and can look after you for the long haul. Federal Pest Control in South East Queensland’s leading Termite Protection Specialists, our guys have been proudly protecting Australian homes for over 25 years. Termites are a destructive timber eating pest, that causes serious structural damage to timber in houses and buildings in Moreton Bay. South East Queensland’s hot, humid climate raises the risk of Termite infestation so the Australian Standard recommends at least a yearly Termite Inspection, or more frequently if deemed a high-risk property due to extra moisture, or surrounding forests or parklands. 1 in 3 buildings have termites within their property boundary (CSIRO survey) and houses are more at risk if there are well-established trees within 100 metres, because termites nest in Trees.

When our customer’s book a Termite Inspection with us, they receive a comprehensive Termite Report with photos that show of any signs of a termite infestation – current or previous. We also always include a quotation for Termite protection and removal to keep your property safe going forwards. 


  • License Number: PMT1006726417
  • On-time Guarantee
  • Insurance

Meet Glen, all-round good guy, great Pestie too.

Glen with one ‘n’, Glenny, Glenos, Glen20 or Glen Coco (from the movie Mean Girls) as the office girls have been known to call him! Glen took joining the Fedpest family quite literally, having married one of Deb & Andy’s fair maidens Sophie. He’s a dapper dad of two and has also dappled as Dadbod Tik Tok rapper. He was once chased from a job by seven sausage dogs – they were apparently really quite vicious we’re told. He enjoys working for Fedpest so he can pretend he’s a Ghostbuster.


  • License Number: PMT-0-13745
  • On-time Guarantee
  • Insurance

Meet Blake.

He’s part of the woodwork, (pardon the Termite pun) but it is fitting and true! Got trouble with Termites? Blake’s a Termite Management Technician that’s honest, trustworthy and loyal. With expertise and knowledge that’s second to none – our customers just adore him. Our Blake’s been with us now for 15 years and somehow mysteriously hasn’t really aged at all. Really though we’ve loved watching him grow up, kick goals, travel and even get married too. His mama always taught him to ‘enjoy his life’, perhaps that’s why he always makes time for a sneaky pre-work Surf to make sure he starts his day off right. ‘Blake with a Surfboard in the back of the Van’ – he’s all about Surfing, camping, 4WDing and likes playing guitar. Get the job done then have some fun!

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