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Rainfall creates the perfect breeding conditions for the mosquito

Mosquitoes thrive in cool, dark and damp places such as rain water in discarded refrigerators, car tyres and tins, and in septic tanks/leach drains, water storage tanks, protected corners of effluent ponds and natural bodies of water.

Mosquito bites are more than merely annoying; they can result in the transmission of many serious diseases among humans and other animals. Scratching itchy mosquito bites can break the skin and lead to secondary infections.

If a mosquito takes blood from a person or animal infected with a virus, then the virus will grow inside the mosquito. If it later bites another person or animal, it may pass on some of the virus germs, and that person or animal may catch the disease.

This cycle can go on and on, infecting lots of people and animals and causing a disease outbreak with lots of sick people, and many people all over the world have died as a result of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Within Australia such diseases include the Ross River Virus, Murray Valley encephalitis (also called MVE), Barmah Forest virus disease, Kunjin virus disease, and an increasing number of cases of Dengue fever in Queensland.