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Would you like to build a business that earns $70k – $150k + a year using our unique business model, without having to do all work yourself. Providing you with total control over how much you can earn. This is all possible because this extremely rewarding franchise model is designed to create several income streams.

Currently there are limited franchise opportunities available to be part of one of the fastest growing Pest Control Companies in the region.

If you are currently tired of struggling with your day-to-day job and just making a living then you should definitely consider this opportunity.

We are searching for suitable Franchisees (individuals or couples) who are self motivated individuals that are goal driven, pride themselves on attention to detail, have complete integrity as well and most importantly are people-people.

If you have a great attitude and possess the drive to achieve whatever your financial business or life goals may be, then you are exactly who we are searching for, so please contact us for more information.

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We require no experience, as we provide you with:
–> Step by step training,
–> Up to date technical and business training,
–> Marketing and Sales Support, including,
–> Jobs, which will help build your business,
–> Ongoing support and assistance for all franchisees,
–> Continual marketing and training.

Our Company:

Formed in 1995 as a husband and wife partnership, the 20 years since have provided us with a wealth of experience in the Pest Control Industry. We are now willing to pass all that accumulated knowledge and experience on to you.

We have developed a business model based on:
• Technical know how and expertise;
• Self development; and
• Genuine care for our clients.

The Pest Control Industry:

Pest Control is not like lawn mowing or other home services. A successful technician is a highly specialised, knowledge based professional.

Initially a you’ll learn the basics of insect and pest animal biology and ecology. Later you can go on to specialise in termite and timber pests, commercial pest management or domestic pest management.

A select few franchisees go on to specialise in business building and personal development. These highly successful and super motivated individuals go on to develop extraordinary earnings and residual income streams.

Our System:

We don’t believe in making massive profits from hundreds of franchisees paying fixed weekly or monthly franchise fees. Nor do we believe in charging massive up-front fees.

We strongly believe that, as a team, we provide prompt, professional meaningful services to our clients and it is the client’s payments that provide the income for all of us. This means that you won’t be stuck paying ongoing fees for years and years after the “income guarantee” has expired.

We believe our system is fairer, is lower risk and offers greater opportunities for long term financial independence than anything else.

But don’t just take our word for it! Investigate every other opportunity out there; compare your initial investment, ongoing fees, return on investment and risk. We’re confident you won’t find anything better.

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