Unit Complex

Federal Pest Control has been providing a premium pest control service to unit complexes throughout Queensland and New South Wales for decades. We place priority on building relationships with complex managers to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of service to both them, their properties owners, and tenants.

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Our team at Federal understands that as a complex manager you may have hundreds of clients to look after and that it is a demanding and stressful job, so it is our goal to take the stress out of pest control for you. It is for this reason that we offer complex managers a:

Single Point of Contact: Federal Pest Control provide you with your own client manager to coordinate service delivery across all of your units. Ensuring you have a direct point of contact and accountability, regardless of the number of units that you are currently managing. You will always count on receiving a reliable maintenance service and a fast emergency response from a local. Ensuring your community have the ultimate protection from pests.

Federal Pest Control can also offer Unit Complex Managers:

  • Scheduled pricing
  • Fast quotes for non-recurring work or specialty treatments
  • Treatment warranties that cover the property not a tenancy
    • Providing seamless cover to owners
  • Direct communications with tenants for access (if preferred)
  • Preferable rates for tenants at end of lease

If you’re looking for reliable, responsive and cost effective pest control, Federal Pest Control should be your only choice.

Common Pests

Properties that are a part of a complex commonly encounter problems with Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents and Termites, with Bees, Wasps and even Possums. Federal Pest Control is your first point of call to prevent and resolve pest problems in your complex.

Who needs this?

Unit complex managers, facilities managers, general managers, office managers.