Commercial kitchen

Federal Pest Control has decades of expertise and experience protecting restaurants, bars and function centres from pests by delivering tailored pest management solutions. We are specialists in providing compliant pest control to businesses operating in the foodservice industry. Whether you are a small bakery, commercial kitchen, a warehouse supplier or somewhere in between, we have the treatment procedures in place to make a cost-effective difference to your business.


We understand that you operate in the public eye and your customers are relying more and more on review websites such as Urbanspoon and Eatability when making their dining decisions. The growing use of online reviewing of businesses operating in the food industry places the reputation of every business at risk, with customer opinion spreading like wildfire on social media. This means more than ever before pests have no place on your menu.

Our professional treatments will be tailored to the specifics of your business, offering you the peace of mind that your pest problem will managed successfully. The custom pest management program we devise will help you to maintain compliance with industry standard. Maintaining your HACCP compliance responsibilities can be a difficult task, but we can take care of all of that for you.

Common Pests

Businesses operating in the foodservice industry commonly encounter problems with Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, and Rodents, with Fruit Flies and Birds also being prevalent. Federal Pest Control is your first point of call to prevent and resolve pest problems in your business.

Why Federal Pest Control?

Federal Pest Control technicians are constantly exposed to ongoing professional training, providing them with the knowledge, skill and experience to provide your business with a premium standard of pest control service.

Federal technicians understand the sensitivity of a pest infestation in a catering environment and the need for both an urgent response and absolute discretion. You can count on Federal Pest Control to provide reliable maintenance service, a fast emergency response, and training for both you and your employee’s in best practice to ensure your business has the ultimate protection from pests.Commercial kitchen1

Onsite Reporting: Federal Pest Control can provide you with a commercial treatment logbook giving you the ability to keep track of treatments and activity on your site – or sites – with custom reporting that you can also supply for any audits or compliance requests. Our commercial treatment logbooks report on the observations the technician makes, notes of treatment and recommended action, ensuring you always have the right information on hand.

Who needs this?

Restaurant managers, bar managers, store managers, function center managers, food manufacturers and retailers.