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Federal Pest Control has been providing a premium pest control service to Bodies Corporate throughout Queensland and New South Wales for decades. Our team at Federal understands that as members of the body corporate you have a responsibility to make decisions on matters of shared interest for the community, and the coordination of maintenance and management of the common property is one of your core functions. All other property owners rely on you to make the best decisions, and so the reputation of the committee relies on your suppliers providing you with excellent service all year round. With your reputation on the line you only want to work with an industry expert like Federal Pest Control.

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When you engage Federal Pest Control to carry out the routine pest control of your facilities you will receive whole building protection meaning we will service all common areas and strata lots. This way you can trust that you are receiving the most cost effective solution and ensuring that pests don’t simply move from one part of the property to another.

Why Federal Pest Control?

Federal Pest Control technicians are constantly exposed to ongoing professional training, providing them with the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver a premium standard of pest control service to your community. We know that prevention is always far cheaper than the cure and we make sure that we get the job done right, the first time. At Federal we also guarantee all our work, offering the most extensive warranties of service in the industry. Furthermore, you have the peace of mind that we are fully insured with Pacific International up to $20,000,000.

Single Point of Contact: Federal Pest Control provide you with your own client manager to coordinate service delivery across all of your sites. Ensuring you have a direct point of contact and accountability, regardless of the number of sites that you are currently managing. You will always count on receiving a reliable maintenance service and a fast emergency response from a local. Ensuring your community have the ultimate protection from pests.

Federal Pest Control can also offer you:

  • Scheduled pricing
  • Fast quotes for non-recurring work
  • Treatment warranties that cover the property not a tenancy, providing seamless cover to owners
  • Direct communications with tenants for access (if preferred)

Who needs this?

Strata Bodies Corporate, Self-Managed Strata Bodies Corporate directors or board members, Strata managers, general managers, licensees, property investors, smsf direct property investors.