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Formed in Australia in 1995, Federal Pest Control is rapidly growing to become one of Australia’s largest and most trusted pest control service provider.

Federal Pest Control’s corporate headquarters is located on the on the Gold Coast, with a new growing base of Master Franchises servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, and North-Eastern NSW.

We believe in people and their dreams

  • At Federal Pest Control, we’re dedicated to helping our Franchisee’s succeed. Being part of the Federal Pest Control team means championing entrepreneurs and fighting for small business success.

We provide a framework for success

  • More than 20 franchisee’s have thriving businesses with Federal Pest Control.
  • Ordinarily business owners are faced by a ceiling that caps their income based on the number of hours they are willing to work.
  • Our unique business model removes time as a limiting factor, allowing Franchisee’s to gain access to unlimited income potential. Our educational content and Lifecycle Marketing model provide franchisees with a step-by-step framework for attracting prospects, increasing sales and delighting customers.

We are dedicated to our customers

  • Industry experts, news media and small business owners have recognised our company, culture and services for the impact we have in the community.

Our leaders are paving the way

  • Our leaders are a group of industry experts, innovators, marketing experts, tech geeks and business enthusiasts.

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  • Ipswich Area

    Distance: 15241.28 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Northern Gold Coast

    Distance: 15208.38 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • South Brisbane

    Distance: 15216.26 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Sunshine Coast

    Distance: 15159.13 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • West Brisbane

    Distance: 15219.54 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • East Brisbane

    Distance: 15201.75 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Central Gold Coast

    Distance: 15203.7 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Northern Rivers

    Distance: 15221.52 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Southern Gold Coast

    Distance: 15207.47 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Lismore Area

    Distance: 15259.23 Kilometers (Approx.)

  • Tweed Coast

    Distance: 15213.25 Kilometers (Approx.)